Giving Thanks

My wife Kathryn has been cooking up a storm the past couple of days in preparation for Thanksgiving.  We are hosting 23 people and I’m super excited!  It’s amazing to think we can host anyone, let alone 23 people, after what this past year entailed: progression, multiple surgeries, multiple hospital stays, radiation, chemo, excruciating wait between treatments, more progression, emergency embolization, 1 year anniversary of diagnosis, 1 year anniversary of losing our son Isaac.

So much has been taken from us and it makes me angry.  But when I think past on this year, those moments of fear fade to the background and I find myself thinking about her smile, and eyes, and the times we were all together as a family.  I’m thankful for the extra year of memories and especially for the sounds of home coming from the kitchen: mixing spoons and bowls clinking, chopping, stirring, laughing, singing, and life.

Happy Thanksgiving

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