My Cold Weather Gear!

Since I decided to run 20 miles in the middle of January to raise money for ALK Positive lung cancer research, I figured I better get some better gear.  I don’t run often outside in the winter unless it is sunny, above 0 degrees, and calm.  On January 13th, I am planning for -15, blowing snow, and trails covered in snow and ice.  If I plan for that, I think I can make it through just about anything.  So, to get me from downtown St. Paul to downtown Stillwater, here’s what I ordered today:



Running Ninja

With these cool adds to my running gear I am actually looking forward to running in below zero weather this winter!

Donate to support my run here:

I’m asking for small dollar donations along with a share.  Please donate and spread the word!

See you on the trails!

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