Here’s the plan!

Hi Team!

I’ve been thinking about how I am going to accomplish my goal of raising $1,000 during a time when folks might be experiencing “giving fatigue.”  However, I think I have a plan:

  1. Announce an ambitious feat of running
  2. Ask for small dollar donations
  3. Ask for help in spreading the word about my campaign

Ambitious Feat of Running

I am going to run the Gateway Trail from downtown St. Paul (Cayuga St. bridge) to the Duluth Junction near Hwy 96 in Grant where I will take the Browns Creek Trail another 6 miles in to Downtown Stillwater, ending at one of my favorite coffee shops: the Daily Grind.  The total mileage will be somewhere in the 19-20 range.  Oh, and I am going to do this on Saturday, January 13th, 2018.  Who runs for 3+ hours in the middle of January when it’s so cold your eyelids freeze?  My wife has gone through unimaginable suffering so I think I can “suffer” through some cold weather for her cause.

You will be able to follow me on my run by tracking my GPS.  I’m working on how best to do that but I will at least be able to ping my location to Facebook through my Motion X GPS app.  It will be fun for you to stay warm inside and watch me progress on the trail outside!  The trail is routinely plowed from St. Paul to Jamaca Avenue during the winter but the remainder of the trail is used for skiing.  So, I expect some clear trail and some not so clear trail.

Ask for Small Dollar Donations

Giving fatigue is a real thing.  Everyone has a cause and they are usually very worthy.  What I don’t want to do is make anyone feel guilty for not being able to support every cause.  I’ve felt that at times.  With that in mind, I am only asking for a $10 donation (of course larger donations will be accepted) with the additional request that you spread the word.  It is a small donation with a BIG impact!

Check out my fundraising page with the folks at ALK Positive:

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, share it on Facebook and Twitter, share it with your Grandmother, your UBER driver, your neighbor.  Its “10 bucks and a share.”  🙂  I think we can accomplish a lot together!

So, there you have it.  That’s the plan.  Join me!


3 thoughts on “Here’s the plan!

  1. Bernie Penner

    What a great plan..count us in a donation for sure…I may even work on some conditioning for running again..I used to do from 5-20 miles/week…and YES with a totally frosty face..


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