Where do your donations go?

I think it’s a pretty unique thing that ALK Positive and Lungevity are doing. ALK Positive is a group of survivors and caregivers that started out as a Facebook support group that is now growing to drive innovation in ALK lung cancer treatment. To do this, they are partnering with Lungevity to establish patient-driven funding of research that will impact those very same patients. FUBU for ALK Positive lung cancer survivors!

Your donations will go to teams researching and developing the next generation of targeted therapies, just like the one my wife is on now, Lorlatinib. The goal is to turn ALK lung cancer in to a chronic condition instead of an immediately life-threatening disease.

This is why I am running and asking you for $10. Please join me in this effort!

Donate here: https://lungevity.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.personalCampaign&participantID=42628

Thank you!

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