A New Adventure: Snow!

It snowed! I mean it really snowed. We got 20+ inches here in Lake Elmo. Granted, most of it melted when we had temps in the 50’s and thunderstorms a few days later, but 20+ is probably the most snow I have seen since Halloween, 1991, when in the Proctor/Duluth area, we got 40+ inches. I like running in the snow, but cross-country skiers don’t appreciate foot traffic on their groomed trails, especially since they have been patiently waiting to ski since their season ended early this past March. This means I am going to miss out on my A goal, which was to compete all the state park trails by the end of the year. On to my B goal.

I knew it would be tough to get all the trails run before snow got in the way, this project was going to be weather-dependent. If I couldn’t run all the trails in non-winter in one calendar year, I would try and run all the trails in one 12-month period. That’s my B goal. Since I started this back in March with a day trip to Myre-Big Island State Park, I have until mid-March to finish the remaining miles. What’s left to run?

I have visited 67 of the 68 parks, missing out only on Crow Wing State Park near Brainerd. I have completed 60 parks with about 200 miles left to run between Jay Cooke, St. Croix, Myre-Big Island, Frontenac, Wild River, Gooseberry Falls, Big Stone Lake, and Crow Wing. (I’ll be running some of the miles in St. Croix State Park in January when I run the St. Croix 40 winter ultramarathon.) I have run 1,047 miles so far in the 67 parks I have been to and I’m still on track to finish with about 1,300 miles total.

With Christmas approaching however, I have set this project aside to focus on family and fun! Kathryn established so many wonderful Christmas traditions for our family that each day holds something special. She is with us in the traditions we continue to cherish. She will be with me as I start to write my book and her spirit and passion will live through each word. She may be gone from this earth but her legacy is in me and is also growing up x4 right before my eyes.

Merry Christmas to you all! May it be filled with wonder and awe and may you see joy in your sorrow, light in your darkness, and love in your loss.

3 thoughts on “A New Adventure: Snow!

  1. Carole Javner

    I am amazed at your persistence and resilience, Aaron! And I love the wording in your Christmas wish at the end! Can’t wait to read your book!


  2. Angela Kolden

    You are a gifted writer. I love the ending of your Christmas post ‘see light in the darkness and love in the loss”
    I look forward to reading your book. What is it going to be about?
    I’ve always wanted to write a book and start a blog but too busy writing for the newspaper to earn a paycheck to do either. Need to stop making excuses and set my priorities. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is so much about our story that Kathryn felt called to tell but didn’t get a chance to. I plan to tell it in some way.

      You will have an audience when you start writing for yourself. I’ll be first in line to get you to sign my copy of your first book!


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