21 Miles & $7,000

I’m still a little overwhelmed by what happened last weekend. I knew I needed to take a few days to let it settle before writing a summary, final fundraising tally, and a huge thank you to everyone.

I started at the corner of Jackson and University near Regions Hospital in St Paul at 10:00 am. It was -8. We finished 21.16 miles later in downtown Stillwater at 2:30. It had warmed up to about 2 above!

In between were 21 tough miles through the snow and cold but luckily I had help!  Scott Zoya was the first to run with me in North St. Paul.  Meredith Sykora & Dave Nyberg were the “trail breakers” during the toughest miles.  My old buddy from high school, Todd Molitor (www.180kbellgym.com Todd and Jodi are the best in the business!), whom I haven’t seen since graduation 25 years ago, was the “closer” who helped us seal the deal the last three miles.  The support from all these amazing runners was invaluable.  Del Langer-Anderson, Norm Purrington, and Randy & Lisa Smith were the “aid station” managers who were waiting with warm cars and needed nutrition.  Randy Smith drove me to the start and provided the initial encouragement to get out of his warm truck.  He then placed some strategic encouragement along the way.

But the real star of the story is my wife.  Kathryn is why I did this.  She is suffering from a horrible disease that has taken so much from us, yet she is grace, hope, and love wrapped up in one.  She has been encouraging me, challenging me, and supporting me through this effort.  Kathryn is an ever present reminder of the strength I wish I had.

For her, and for all ALK positive lung cancer survivors, we raised $7,150!  That equals $337.90 per mile!  Thank you to ALL who donated.  Each donation gave me more motivation to run and I thought of all of you as I ran.  I really did.

This money will go directly to ALK research and a possible cure for my wife.  I can’t thank you all enough for making this happen!  THANK YOU!

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2 thoughts on “21 Miles & $7,000

  1. Cindy and Tom Clark

    Wow! Wow! And Wow again! 🥇🏃‍♂️ How great is our God! With his help, you raised your goal seven-fold!!!
    We are so proud of you, Aaron…and so thankful for your team of supporters. We wish we could have been there. We love your family so much ❤💕💖 . Your family hug brought tears to my eyes. It may have been cold outside, but inside your hearts God’s love keeps you warm!
    Congratulations! Give Kathryn a big hug from us..

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